Journey to MVP

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“Somethings in life come at the right time. Keep working and face your failure”

I start with saying, we are all IT professionals struggling and working diligently, burning midnight oil everyday ! We are living in a space where the number is increasing prodigiously. To shine out has become a tough job and a challenge to be gracefully accepted. Our lives cannot be limited to a 6 by 6 cube! We have to come out of it and see the world expanding. We have to match it up and marathon along. Everyday while returning, give a thought what am I doing! who else other than my office space know me! Where do I stand in this mammoth head count!

I started over thinking these when I saw few people around me adding logos to their laptops, to their desks and they were kind of addicted and so proud! The first guy I faced was Mr. Tadit Dash, one of the three Microsoft MVPs from Odisha.. He was my inspiration and his achievements became my desires. I used to read articles and refer the different forums and was unaware of the fact that someday, I will see my articles being read and my answers being referred.

I started writing articles on C-sharp corner, the most friendly and one of the best forums today! The amount of motivation and the support the team provides, will automatically boost you and push you to contribute your learning experiences and share with the world.

The first time I was awarded by C-sharp corner in 2014 as MVP and I was like, wow! I can’t explain the feeling, the one who has experienced knows! The journey continued and again in 2015 I was awarded by C-sharp corner 2nd time MVP. I realized people have started knowing me and acknowledging my work. This meant a lot to me. I then realized the certificates and logo were not only to showcase, it was more satisfaction when people started liking your efforts and appreciating.

As rightly said,

When you desire something & you know not where you are heading, any road will get you there!

The next dream was to become Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.mvp1
It was July 1st, I had nominated myself in May and was curious to get the results, if my efforts were good enough to let me this recognition. When the mail got triggered into my mail box, I was on the top of this world. Yes, I can now proudly say I have achieved something in this 2.6 years span of my IT career. Now I can be distinguished and at least recognized among the mass.

People now who wonder, if they can, I would say yes you can! Just Go for it!

Ideology & Effort

Now comes the best part, the path to be chosen.  Just one word would be enough SHARING . Share what you learn with the world. There are people who would be struggling to resolve something as you have undergone! Thus, Be selfless!

Sharing is not enough, sharing with dedication and with sincerity is utmost important. We cannot go ahead and share anything. Share valid content and worthy to read contents in a readable format is very essential! This will come with time and with writing. Thus Be patient!

Before sharing another important factor that plays a role is LEARNING.  Start the learning phase and push yourself to the deadliest possible level while learning and expansion of your knowledge. Our IT field requires the knowledge to be updated and extensive as well! Thus Be a ruthless learner!

Guru play a very important role in guiding you through life. In my phase, I had Gurus. You follow them, they guide you, their success becomes your happiness and your aim! They are the happiest people when they see you supersede them. Chose your Guru in order to excel. Thus Be a smart chooser!

Not everyone is confident and comfortable enough to speak and share in conferences. The days have gone friends! Be open, be an extrovert now! The world has grown, burn your fear and stand out and face the crowd. I thank my community MSDC Odisha  through which I could get the platform to face my fear and speak out to the world. Thus, Be a fearless speaker!

A final verdict, without boring much! Whatever you do, do without much self motive and interests. We are humans, we cannot avoid having selfish interest. But that should not be at the cost of choosing a shortcut or hurting someone. Whatever you do, do for the world, the world will then remember you, the world will then praise you, the world will then stand by you.

Someday all our labor will turn to dust!

Yes someday this will happen. People will remember you on your deeds not your codes preserved with a file header in SCM tools.. 🙂 Keep sharing and keep learning!

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