An opportunity, An experience – TechBhubaneswar

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The sea is so vast and filled with water but still to quench his thirst he depends on river and rain!! Keep Learning! Knowledge has no bounds!

The motive behind one of the grandest event “TechBhubaneswar” to bring in and gather such a mammoth professional crowd in the sea of technical knowledge sharing is commendable! I would like to congratulate each person behind this event and the man behind this thought! Thanks Mindfire Solutions for igniting the spark in the technical giants grooming in Odisha and giving them a hope that Odisha is no behind! Effacing the Myth!

In this era where we see machines talking, machines walking, machines running & machines doing wonders, manifest the world turning into a sci-fi movie! The movies we saw and admired will be the reality for the generations next! We all see and experience the effects of the baby steps, the Machine Learning is taking but irony is we are not much aware of what and how this is connected! Making Machines Dream, to cover few of the interesting topics involving Deep learning concepts with a cute little interesting demo!

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Brief about Neural Networks
  • Facts about Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
  • Examples of Structural aspects of Image analysis
  • Image Inpainting concept

I would like to take an opportunity to thank the panel for their reverent attitude and selecting an unorthodox topic and honoring me to speak and share my part of knowledge in such a big event and a beautiful crowd! Really excited to be introduced to the event for the first time, as a speaker.

A topic storied is more persistent than a topic spoken!

I would love to be a story teller than a speaker! With a hope that the time, I would be throbbing the mic, the crowd will be alive with giggles, no yawns and a short but learning journey!